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Original Tuna Artwork Socks by Stacie Walker

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Original Tuna Artwork Socks by Stacie Walker. Featuring  Prym1 Camo 

  Sock Features:
  •  Unisex 
  •  Prym1 Camo 
  • Vibrant  original artwork 
  • Super soft 
  • Printed in Florida   
 Artist Background

“After years of being a professional wildlife artist, as well as being an avid hunter from a very young age, my job has been to study the specific patterns & textures of animals in nature and to mimic them in my art.

 Years of study led me to develop Prym1 Camo, which uses the colours and textures of nature with the organic patterns of wildlife to create a camouflage with the effectiveness of a predator.”

- Stacie Walker, Prym1 Camo Founder/Creator